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"Unlike other solutions we looked at, Graphium is totally portable. It allows us to go to the OR, to go to the CT scanner, to go to recovery, with the same piece of equipment."


Graphium Health is about the convergence of good medicine and good technology. We know that well-designed solutions, made for the way doctors actually work, can make medicine safer, more affordable, more efficient, and more widely available. We also know that medical technology is worthless if it's distracting, cumbersome, or unintuitive.


To make hospitals, surgery centers, and private practices the best they can be - by developing technology that fits effortlessly into organizations' workflows and helps health professionals keep their attention on providing outstanding patient care.


At Graphium, we are creating a world where data and knowledge drive down medical costs, keep patients safe, and improve the healthcare experience for all.

MACRA Compliance

$459/provider per yr*
  • Welcome to compliance with meaning. Combining Anesthesia Quality with Compliance gives you the reports you need to partner with your hospital and avoid hefty fines.
  • QCDR Registration and Reporting
  • Anesthesia Quality Dashboards
  • Operational Excellence (optional)
  • Enterprise and Facility Scorecards
  • *Additional fees may apply

Charge Capture

  • If we're already capturing your compliance and quality data, we've almost completed a charge capture form. Let's take it one step further.
  • Full Charge Capture Fields: More Start/Stop times, CPT/ICD codes, Special modifiers, Additional procedures, etc.
  • QCDR Registration and Reporting
  • Anesthesia Quality Dashboards
  • Operational Excellence (optional)
  • *Additional fees may apply